Chloe Hughes

Chloe is a master student of Systems, Control and Robotics in her second year. She is from the Isle of man which is an island located between the UK and Ireland. After her Bachelor's in Electronics in London, she moved to Stockholm to continue her studies.

Eric: For British students it is not common to do a master's degree. Why did you choose to do one?
Chloe: With a bachelor degree in electrical engineering in Great Britain I would end up doing technician work, like installation. That's not so creative in my opinion, so I started here and found my passion for robotics.

Eric: Why did you start getting involved into Engineers without borders (EWB)?
Chloe: Since the beginning of my studies I wanted to be part of a EWB project but never got the chance to. In London, it was due to a combination between lack of time and EWB projects that were not in my field of interest. However, after participating an introduction event September 2016 here in Stockholm, I got in contact with Tove and decided to take part of the C4S project.

Eric: As a Robotics student myself, I am surprised about your broad knowledge of Raspberry Pi, the hardware unit we use as a computer in the classical sense. Where did you gather this knowledge?
Chloe: While I was working in a pub in London, a raspberry pi group met monthly to discuss their ongoing projects. I took the chance to ask lots of questions and ended up buying one Raspberry Pi of my own. I worked with it a bit but was never able to complete a bigger project. So joining the C4S was just a great chance to get involved in working with a Raspberry Pi.

Eric: Why do you think it is essential for pupils to have computers when we can expect most of them to have access to mobile phones?
Chloe: A mobile phone is a tool of entertainment rather than a tool for learning. With it, you are able to watch movies or check individual facts but not internalise an equation or program an algorithm.

Eric: Perfect, thanks for your answers. To finish off: the Isle of Man is host of the big TT car and motorcycle race. Did you ever participate in it?
Chloe: No, it is too dangerous for me! Especially as I don't have my licence. There are no speed limits and the race is held on the country roads, so can get very close to cliff edges or people's homes.