Computers for Schools

Computers for Schools (C4S) started as a project under Ingenjörer utan Gränser (that's Engineers without Borders, Sweden) with the idea of delivering and improving education in schools through computers. Accessing computers and surrounding technologies through education promotes lifelong learning and IT skills which will ensure the students great access to the job market.

Since Autumn 2016, we are a group of six people (five students and one ex-student) teaming up on this project from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Using Raspberry Pi 3's as our computers brain will enable us to create a setup with much better sustainability and resilience than any modern laptop or desktop PC. The Raspberry Pi is energy efficient and still offers an ocean of possibilities, like any other computer.

It's safe to say, the idea of bringing computers to schools is (obviously) nothing new. For students to have access to a computer and basic software, like an encyclopedia and word processing programs, can change an educational experience completely; for both teachers and students.

With C4S, the goal is to make a setup as easily accessible and spreadable as possible, no matter location or conditions.

With this blog, we want to spread the word about our project and give an insight into the work process.

Computers for Schools, Engineers Without Borders Sweden, KTH, supports the Sustainable Development Goals

sources: SDG guidelines