How the project started

The project "Computers for Schools" has been around for quite some time, out in the summer of 2016, our project group was formed.

Coming from several different backgrounds, we had the same motive of wanting to do an adventure and to apply out engineering into something challenging, but that we thought could make an impact.

We had all heard of the several projects on KTH that was backed up by Engineers without borders (NGO's, parnerships etc.) and we all felt most passionate about the education- related project.

In August 2016, we had out first meeting and we have been continuing to do these weekly meeting throughout the whole year. Now our exciting adventure is getting closer and we can't wait to get the installation up!

On the picture, from left to right we have Dan (SW/HW), Elsa (PR), Eric (sustainability), Chloe (HW), Antoine (SW) and Tove (Project Leader). As you can see our differences are our strengths :

  • 6 people
  • 6 countries represented
  • 4 KTH masters represented
  • average age : 24.5