Pitch perfect


Anybody recognises this door?

Well, the ones of you who guess for a super cool company that loves cool hardware, is located at a really nice attic office at Blasieholmen, and does a 2 week hackathon each semester to focus and discover fun stuff that they are interested in - well you guessed right ;)

The company that we are talking about is Prototyp, and we are so happy that they took the time to listen to us talking about our project. Usually we do a impartially formed meeting, where we talk to the hand-picked bunch of companies and ask them what they might contribute with in terms of competence, sponsorship, hardware etc.

Prototyp was really helpful and gave a lot of insights and shared their knowledge in terms of the Raspberry Pi's.

They are very interested in a lot of cool cutting edge tech stuff so, as a tech-nerd, their office is literally like being a child in a candy-shop. Here we are playing around with their VR headsets Haha!

Antoine is very tall and had some issues while leaving, both because Prototyp was so nice to us and also since their attic entrance has a really low ceiling :)

Until next time!