Where and how is the project happening

What's the plan?

We will install the computers at the Navigio Academy located in West Cameroon, Bandja. The Navigio Academy is a vocational school teaching: music, computer science, sewing and hotel/restaurant management and was started by the Swedish Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Flickors Utbildning i Kamerun (Girls' Education in Cameroon) in 2008. It is supported by the Navigio group since 2014, from which it has its name since 2015.

Where's Bandja?

Situated around 1.2 km above sea level, Bandja is a somewhat remote commune approximately 300 km north west from Cameroon's capital city Yaoundé. As of 2005, it stands at 30,931 inhabitants with 6,167 in Bandja itself!


How does 'Flickors Utbildning i Kamerun' fit in?

While visiting Bandja, the Swedish couple Toinie Rönnholm and Elie Kamga saw the need for improvement and with the idea that through education girl's ability to assert their rights and their status in society will increase. And this also means educating women, boys, men and decision-makers in the functionalities of democracy, equality and justice.
alt So from the Swedish town of Gävle, in 2008, they started an initiative that received the current name of the NGO, Girls' Education in Cameroon (Flickors Utbildning i Kamerun). The organization advocates and fundraises in order to help and contribute to the development of socially disadvantaged groups in Bandja. The focus group of their work is comprised of girls aged 12-17 in the village of Bandja, that are being assisted in education, self-improvement, micro-financial support and entrepreneurship skills.

The NGO also carries out information campaigns in Sweden on women's rights in education to raise the awareness among the public. This is to increase public understanding of the struggle for the right of girls to receive an education.

What about the school?

So far, about 400 girls have received their education at Navigio Academy. With a total capacity of 500 students, there are currently around 137 students enrolled. The students, all above 12, have access to the school's facilities such as clean water, toilets and computer rooms.


In the future, the school also plans to provide education in healthcare and nursing. The school has opened up for boys, but girls are given priority to training sites.


Unique to the school is that the young women who have given birth are allowed to go to the school and bring their children with them, thus not preventing them from getting their education.
According to Navigio, the primary supporter, the overall goal is to help the school in Cameroon so that it can:

  • Teach the girls and young women how to read, write, use a computer and increase their skills within agriculture, sewing and restaurant operations. This will give them an opportunity to provide for themselves in the future.
  • Help them to help themselves and allow for personal development for the girls, young women and their families.
  • Receive national status and thus in the future receive founding from Cameroon’s Government.